Leicester Cancer Research Centre


Our capacity and expertise in delivering first-in-man, phase I and phase II trials has been the successful driver for our large portfolio of key national and international studies, ensuring we deliver critical ECMC objectives which revolve around expediting patient benefit from new treatments.
Additionally, we provide critical support for non-interventional studies which underpin our research themes to deliver our translational and reverse-translational research objectives.

Outputs for which ECMC support has been critical cover a wide range of malignancies, chemo, radiological, biological and immune therapies. A selection of key clinical and translational research outputs are listed below.

Haematological malignancies (Phase I/II)

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (Danilov et al, 2020; Walter et al, 2017; Walter et al, 2016), Mantle cell lymphoma (Rule et al, 2019); Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (Walter et al, 2019).

Solid tumours (Phase I/II)

Colorectal cancer (Howells et al, 2019;), Oesophagogastric cancer (Thomas et al, 2020; Iveson et al, 2014), Breast cancer (Robertson et al, 2020), Mesothelioma (Szlosarek et al, 2017)

Translational research studies (Non-interventional)

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (Chen et al, 2019; Chen et al, 2017), T-cell prolymphocytic leukaemia (Smith et al, 2020), Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (Smith et al, 2019), Breast (Seibold et al, 2019; Page et al, 2017; Johnson et al, 2017), Non-small cell lung cancer (Hanjani et al, 2017; Abbosh et al, 2017).


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