Leicester Cancer Research Centre

Leicester Cancer Research Biobank

Cancer research is currently in an era in which thousands of genes, RNA molecules and proteins can be analysed in a single experiment, meaning that large numbers of potential molecular markers for cancer are being identified.  To validate and translate these biomarkers large series of tissue and other biosamples are required.

The Leicester Cancer Research Centre and University Cancer Theme which oversees the cancer research strategy at Leicester, recognises that a joined up approach to cancer sample collection and storage is needed. The University of Leicester Cancer Research Biobank is intended to meet this need and to facilitate high quality research.

The Biobank will support projects from all sections of the cancer research community within Leicester, while remaining open to provision of tissues to organisations outside Leicester.

Researchers from academic, charitable and commercial organisations will be able to apply for access to banked tissue samples. 

The Leicester Cancer Research Biobank also has full ethical approval, bestowed by NRES Committee East Midlands Derby (Ref: 18/EM/0209; IRAS ref 249632) and is operated under Human Tissue Act Licence 12384.

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