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Testimonials from Canadian students

With over 10 years of experience teaching and supporting Canadian students and the largest Canadian student body of any UK law school, we have developed an extensive alumni network in Canada. We maintain strong relationships with our graduates, whose experiences and insights benefit our students both throughout their studies and upon graduation. 

Our twice-yearly alumni networking evenings in Toronto are a great opportunity to meet fellow Leicester alumni and catch up with visiting staff.

Find out more about our Canadian graduates and their experiences of studying with us at Leicester.

Hear from our graduates

As a Canadian, moving to Europe on my own was a big step - especially when you know no one and your family is thousands of miles away. However, going to Leicester Law School was far better than I could have ever imagined. The lecturers are passionate about the area of law they teach and they are always approachable and willing to take the time to help you. The tutorials they lead on a weekly basis are very helpful, and help you to work through and understand the application of the law in real-life situations. The law school also has quite a few societies that let you connect with other law students with the same interests as you. In my case, the Canadian Law Society provided a community of other Canadian students that made Leicester feel very much like a home away from home. In addition to my studies, I took part in quite a few extra-curricular activities in the law school, including the University of Leicester Law Society mooting competitions, the Law Society netball team, and the pro bono street law programme. I was also part of the executive committee for the Canadian Law Society. Being part of these societies was a great way to get involved with the law school and make professional connections with law firms. The city of Leicester itself is a lively place with tonnes of shops, museums and parks, as well as being home to the Leicester Tigers and Leicester City Football Club. The best part about living in Leicester is how the city comes alive during celebrations. I was lucky enough to experience Leicester winning the Premier League, which was one of the biggest celebrations I have ever seen! There is always something to do in Leicester when you need a study break. Since coming back from Leicester, I have begun working at a boutique firm in Ottawa, Canada that focuses on corporate and business law. I have loved every minute of working there since I graduated. I have also been studying and preparing for my NCA exams. These exams are a requirement for all foreign-educated law students that want to practise or article in Canada. Juggling studying and work has been extremely hectic, but I am loving every bit of it.

Shelbi, graduated 2016

Looking back, I can't imagine my law school experience any other way. The endless opportunities at Leicester Law School are unlike any other. I had the rare opportunity to observe and meet Lord Neuberger, the President of the UK’s Supreme Court, through Leicester’s Mooting Competition. I also gained the most fulfilling experience from the law school’s annual debate competition, seeing how the legal realm influences the controversial policies in everyday societies and major world issues. As well as the numerous activities that instilled in me a confidence to practise law, the faculty at Leicester went above and beyond. The staff are dedicated to not only ensuring that we gain legal knowledge, but also that we use our analytical skills in putting the law into practice in our tutorials. They understand the process of returning to Canada, and took care of correspondence with the NCA upon my return to Toronto. When I was finished at Leicester, they still had an interest in and dedication to seeing me through with my settlement into the Canadian legal field. My experience at Leicester led to me to complete my Masters of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. The Leicester alumni network has been critical in my transition back to Canada - not only was I given guidance, I was able to connect to the firm I currently article for through a Leicester graduate!

Jamelah, graduated 2015

Zaynah and Zahra, Canadian graduates

Zaynah and Zahra explain what attracted them to Leicester and why they founded the University's Leicester Canadian Law Society.

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