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The research, evaluation and training activities delivered at the Centre are coordinated by Professor Neil Chakraborti and Dr Chris Allen. Collectively, they have more than 15 years' worth of experience conducting research and publishing on hate and extremism-related issues.

Professor Neil Chakraborti

Neil Chakraborti is the Head of School and a Professor in Criminology at the School of Criminology. Over the past 15 years he has been commissioned by a range of funding bodies to design, conduct and manage groundbreaking research studies on diversity and hate crime.

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Dr Chris Allen

Dr Chris Allen

Chris Allen is an Associate Professor in Hate Studies with almost two decades of expertise in researching Islamophobia, the British and European far-right, radicalisation and religiously-motivated hate more broadly.

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Dr Amy Clarke

Dr Amy Clarke

Amy Clarke is a Research Fellow in Hate Studies and has both taught and researched in the field of hate crime for the last eight years. Her research has focused on the ‘hidden’ racism, discrimination and targeted hostility experienced by new migrants, asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK.

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Doctoral Research

Please see the videos below to learn more about recent doctoral research from within the field of Hate Studies undertaken at the University of Leicester:

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