Scheme of Assessment

The awards of the University are made and classified according to the relevant Scheme of Assessment. The Schemes of Assessment are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain appropriate, reflect all relevant external regulatory and sector frameworks and ensure the continuing academic standards of the University’s awards.

The Schemes of Assessment in place for undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes can be found within the Senate Regulations and include the cohorts to which each scheme applies. Schemes of Assessment that were in place for students graduating from previous cohorts are also listed, or can be made available upon request.

For students graduating in the 2021 academic year whose studies were affected by the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic the University put in place a number of measures in 2020 and 2021 in order to protect students’ outcomes. For study in 2020 these included, for undergraduate students:

  • A Safety Net Policy which ensured that a student’s credit weighted average for the year of study would not be negatively affected by the disruption caused by Covid-19;
  • Temporary revisions to the preponderance requirements for the award of each degree classification, in light of the impact of Covid-19 on the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year. These are set out in the exceptional variation to Senate Regulation 5 for students graduating in 2020.

For taught postgraduate students studying in 2020 the University put in place:

  • A Safety Net Policy which ensured that a student’s credit weighted average for period affected by Covid-19 would not be negatively affected by the disruption caused;
  • Temporary revisions to the scheme of assessment for merit and distinction classifications where a student’s project or dissertation was affected by the disruption caused. These are set out in the exceptional variation to Senate Regulation 6 from March 2020.

The Education Safeguard 2021 included measures that were available to the University in the event that there is evidence that overall student outcomes at cohort level were negatively impacted when compared with previous academic years. The Education Safeguard allowed the University Board of Examiners to take further action in these circumstances by either:

Removal of 30 credits of modules studied and assessed in 2020/21 from the calculation of the credit weighted average for that year, at the point degrees were classified. In order to access this element of the Safeguard students were required to pass all modules studied and assessed during the year, and any mandatory project modules could not be discounted. No individual student marks would be altered as a result of the Safeguard.

Reducing the credit weighted average threshold required for a degree under the preponderance element of the scheme of assessment by a maximum of 1%.

The University Board of Examiners applied Safeguard measures to a small number of schools on the basis of the outcomes available in July 2021. Confirmation of where the Safeguard was applied can be provided upon request via

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