Causes you can support

It's easy to ensure that your gift can be put to good use in an area you care about - whether you wish to support one of our Colleges or Schools, contribute towards a student scholarship, or give to one of our many other causes. See the range of our projects below and choose where you'd like your gift to go.

If you'd like to dedicate your support to the University more generally, consider pledging to our Greatest Need - a fund which enables us to support the areas of our University which need it most, and allows us to respond quickly and meaningfully to changing circumstances as they arise.

If you have a specific cause or philanthropic interest in mind that's not listed here, please get in touch with us to discuss your idea.

Greatest Need

Support the University and help enhance the experience of our students and staff.

Giving to Greatest Need

Student Support

Learn more about the impact made through our two student funds.

Giving to Student Support

Research Excellence

Your gifts will fund world-leading research and help support our academics and students make the next great breakthrough.

Giving to Research Excellence

The Leicester Endowment

The Leicester Endowment Fund is a permanently endowed fund, which is vital for our future growth and development.

Giving to the Leicester Endowment