Festival of Social Science

Let's Plog

13 and 20 November 2021, 10.00am - 1.00pm

This event allows for young people to learn more about the benefits of Plogging - the Swedish practice of picking up litter whilst jogging - in addition to gaining some hands on experience for themselves.

We will introduce and reinforce the benefits of Plogging and allow attendees to take part in this. Attendees will be able to fully understand the concept and how to safely undertake it. As well as taking part in Plogging, attendees have the opportunity to find out more information about the partners involved in the event and the work that they are completing in the community.

We hope that the event will be of interest to all families and that certain messages can be relayed on the day of the event to encourage attendees to Plog in the future.

The event on 13 November will be held at Crown hills Community College and the even on 20 November will be held at Lancaster Academy.

Register for the event

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