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The Centre for Regional and Local History’s New Library Spaces

Back in 2021 the Centre for English Local History moved out of Marc Fitch House at 3-5 Salisbury Road, where it had resided since 1988, to a new space on the University’s main campus. Just after the start of the new academic year in October 2022, it relaunched as the Centre for Regional and Local History (CRLH). Through the dedicated work of staff and volunteers, the Centre set up two new library spaces to hold its extensive collections and provide study space for staff and postgraduates in the Centre.  

The first of our new spaces is the Library in Room 802 of the Attenborough Tower. It is now home to the collections that were formerly housed in the Marc Fitch Library at 3-5 Salisbury Road. All materials are arranged thematically and include books on palaeography and seals, social and economic history, religious history, personal names and popular culture, as well as a wide range of other topics. Oversized books and major series, including those of the Harleian Society and the Index Library (published by the British Record Society) can also be found here, in addition to our new featured collection on Gild and Livery Companies. Room 802 also has excellent views over large parts of Leicester.

Room 802 is not just home to the CRLH collections. It is also the site of the collections belonging to the Centre for Urban History (CUH), which were also once housed in the Marc Fitch Library before its move to the University of Leicester’s main campus. CUH’S collections of monographs and journals are arranged A-Z by author and located on the left hand side as you enter the room.

Photo of book shelves in a library, with an empty desk and chair centred in the image below a window. Through the window, the cenotaph in Victoria Park, Leicester is visible.

The second of our new library spaces is the Regional and Local History Library in Room 101, also in the Attenborough Tower, and easily identified by the bust of Marcus Aurelius outside the door. Here, staff and students will find the contents of the former Topographical Library and the former Map Room at 3-5 Salisbury Road. Our extensive range of books on English historic counties are organised A-Z by county, while materials on a variety of other subjects such as historiography, cartography and architecture have been organised thematically. In Room 101, readers will also find the Domesday county books and a large collection of maps including major Ordnance Survey series folded maps and Bartholomew folded maps.


Bust of Marcus Aurelius on a wooden plinth.


Our two new library spaces are equipped with study desk space and plug sockets for the use of laptops. A university PC and AV equipment is also provided in Room 101 only. Access to both rooms is by means of a swipe card and is granted to staff of CRLH and CUH and their PhD and MA students. Other staff, students and visitors seeking access to the library spaces can apply to either Dr Angela Muir, Director of the Centre for Regional and Local History (am1074@leicester.ac.uk), or Prof Roey Sweet, Director of the Centre for Urban History (rhs4@leicester.ac.uk). For those without a swipe card granting them access to both library spaces, opening times are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Photo of seminar space in a library with bookshelves on the right and in the background. In the foreground is a small group of desks and chairs arranged in a circle for a seminar.


We have created a comprehensive user guide (PDF, 317kb) for the collections belonging to CRLH and CUH in both library spaces.  


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