Help with sound

To listen to the audio and video clips on this website your PC will need a soundcard (most modern machines have one) and you will need headphones or speakers which are plugged into the computer. Your headphones/speakers need to be plugged into the green hole on the soundcard which is either found on the front or the back of the computer stack (see photo below). If you are using machines in the University main campus library the input may be found on the side of the monitor.

If you can't hear anything - three common problems

  1. Headphone socketAre your speakers turned on?
  2. Is the volume of your headphones/speakers turned up?
  3. Have you plugged your headphones/speakers into the correct hole - the green one usually - and if your machine has them both on the front and at the back of the stack, have you tried the green hole at the back?

Adjusting volume

Most machines have a sound volume icon, usually on the toolbar at the bottom right of the screen. If you can't find this, you should go to the Start Menu and click on Control Panel. Then click on Sounds, Speech & Audio Devices (Sounds and Multimedia on some machines). This will enable you to control the volume via Sound Playback.

Technical note

The audio and video clips on this website are in Windows Media format (.wma or .wmv) and ideally Windows Media Player should be available to view these files. This application is installed on all University of Leicester CFS Windows 2000/XP clients and it is freely available to download for home users from Microsoft.

Without a broadband internet connection it is unlikely you will be able to view the video clips.