East Midlands Oral History Archive

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The EMOHA catalogue is now part of the University's Archives and Special Collections catalogue.

Search the catalogue

Below you will also find a couple of tips for searching the catalogue, information about the collections held in the Archive, how to access them and where to go for further help.

The catalogue currently includes details of more than 4,000 recordings. Around 700 interviews are available online and, where this is the case, a link is provided in the catalogue entry. You can search all the online recordings at Special Collections Online.

Tips for searching the catalogue

  • Use an asterisk. Searching for nurs* will bring up results for nurse, nurses, nursing, nursery etc.
  • Search only for EMOHA content. The default setting will bring up results from all the collections in Archives and Special Collections, which may or may not be useful. If you just want results from EMOHA's collections, use Advanced Search, and select EMOHA from the Repository drop down list.
  • Advanced Search -
    • 'Description' searches the main summary text
    • 'Any text' searches everything
    • 'Document Reference Number' searches the main reference numbers e.g. EMOHA/44 or EMOHA/44/5
    • 'Other number' is where you can search for old reference numbers from the previous catalogue or from the original collection reference numbers e.g. MA200/037/037 

Accessing the collections

About the archive


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