East Midlands Oral History Archive

Equipment for oral history projects

Oral history has been conducted on everything from wax cylinders to huge reel-to-reel tape recorders, to portable cassette recorders, to ultra-small minidisc machines, to digital recorders which record onto memory cards.

Digital recordings are now the preferred method. Whilst you can create reasonable digital recordings using computers, laptop computers and mobile phones, it is worth noting that none of these devices are designed specifically for recording long interviews at high quality. A dedicated digital sound recorder remains the best option.

The current generation of digital recorders provide high quality recording to suit a range of budgets. The following list doesn't claim to be exhaustive but it will give you an idea of the types of recorders available and how much they will cost. We suggest a number of manufacturers and retailers that we have used and found helpful. None of these suggestions are formal endorsements of any product or shop. If you have found other equipment or retailers helpful then please contact EMOHA and we will add them to these pages.

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