Diabetes Research Centre


Name Title Department Email
Stavroula Argyridou  PhD student Diabetes Research Centre  sa731@le.ac.uk 
Kirandeep Bains Project Support Officer Diabetes Research Centre kb355@le.ac.uk
Kishan Bakrania Research Postgraduate Department of Population Health Sciences  kb318@le.ac.uk
Shinelle Baptiste Placement student   sb803@le.ac.uk
Nishal Bhupendra Jaicim  Statistician   nbj4@le.ac.uk
Gregory Biddle PhD student   gihb1@le.ac.uk
Mike Bonar Creative Director   mb609@le.ac.uk 
Michelle Brown CLAHRC EM Senior Administrator Diabetes Research Centre mo111@le.ac.uk
Alison Caputo PA to Sue Enright Diabetes Research Centre ac505@le.ac.uk
Dr Sudesna Chatterjee Senior Clinical Researcher Diabetes Research Centre sc581@le.ac.uk
Harshada Chauhan Research Administrator   hc229@le.ac.uk
Susan Cradock Senior Research Associate Department of Population Health Sciences sc391@le.ac.uk
Barbara Czyznikowska Project Support Officer   bmc15@le.ac.uk
Professor Melanie Davies Head of Department and Professor of Diabetes Medicine Diabetes Research Centre melanie.davies@uhl-tr.nhs.uk
Francesca Denton Placement student   fd101@le.ac.uk
Dr Alison Dunkley Research Associate in Nursing Diabetes Research Centre ajd38@le.ac.uk
Dr Helen Eborall Lecturer in Social Science Applied to Health Department of Population Health Sciences hce3@le.ac.uk
Dr Charlotte L Edwardson  Lecturer in Physical Activity,
Sedentary Behaviour and Health
Diabetes Research Centre ce95@le.ac.uk
Mrs Sue Enright Department Manager Diabetes Research Centre se70@le.ac.uk
Claire Fitzpatrick PhD student   rcf16@le.ac.uk
Mrs Harpal K Ghattoraya Research Assistant Diabetes Research Centre mh333@le.ac.uk
Amanda J Harkis MSc Diabetes Course Administrator Department of Population Health Sciences ajh97@le.ac.uk
Dr Deirdre Harrington Lecturer in Physical Activity,
Sedentary Behaviour and Health
Diabetes Research Centre dh204@le.ac.uk
Siân Hill Project Manager Diabetes Research Centre sw383@le.ac.uk
Dr Zin Zin Htike Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre zh52@le.ac.uk
Humaira Hussein Placement student    hh244@le.ac.uk
Elysa Ioannou Placement student   ei36@le.ac.uk
Charlotte Jelleyman PhD student in Physical Activity,
Sedentary Behaviour and Health 
Cardiovascular Sciences cj136@le.ac.uk
Professor Kamlesh Khunti              Head of Leicester Diabetes Centre, Professor of Primary Care, Diabetes and Vascular Medicine  Diabetes Research Centre            kk22@le.ac.uk
Dr Farah Faruk Kidy
Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre ffk1@le.ac.uk
Richard Lawrence Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre rl212@le.ac.uk
Goolnaz Mamodo Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre gm238@le.ac.uk
Dr Hamidreza Mani NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes and Endocrinology Diabetes Research Centre hm132@le.ac.uk
Adrian Manise Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre am692@le.ac.uk
Nidal Masri Administrative Officer Diabetes Research Centre nm403@le.ac.uk
Matthew McCarthy Research Assistant  Cardiovascular Sciences mm636@le.ac.uk
Nasima Miah Project Support Assistant
Usman Muhammad PhD student    mu47@le.ac.uk
Harriet Pearsey PhD student    hmp23@le.ac.uk
Elaine Perkins Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre ep225@le.ac.uk
Nicola ED Perrin Research Postgraduate Department of Population Health Sciences nedp1@le.ac.uk
Dr Kevin M Quigley Performance and Impact Assessment Lead, CLAHRC East Midlands  Diabetes Research Centre kmq4@le.ac.uk
Cameron Razieh PhD Student    cr288@le.ac.uk
Kathryn Realf Collaborator  Diabetes Research Centre kr176@le.ac.uk
Dr Donna Richardson CLAHRC EM Assistant Director   dr16@le.ac.uk
Zahirah M Sidat Diabetes Research Centre   zms4@le.ac.uk
Mr Tim Skelton Biomedical Research
Unit Manager 
Diabetes Research Centre ts144@le.ac.uk
Eoin Vaughan Database Developer   ev57@le.ac.uk
Ghazala Waheed Medical Statistician   gw136@le.ac.uk
Dr Helen L Waller Research Scientist  Diabetes Research Centre hw190@le.ac.uk
Harriet Walter Researcher   hw191@le.ac.uk
Verity F Wardle CLAHRC Admin Assistant  Diabetes Research Centre vw43@le.ac.uk
Dr David Webb Senior Lecturer in Diabetes Medicine  Diabetes Research Centre drw17@le.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Willis Research Associate Diabetes Research Centre aw187@le.ac.uk
Dr Thomas E Yates Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity,
Sedentary Behaviour and Health
Diabetes Research Centre ty20@le.ac.uk
Dr Francesco Zaccardi Clinical Research Fellow  Diabetes Research Centre fz43@le.ac.uk
Dr A Zafar   Diabetes Research Centre az51@le.ac.uk

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