Crime and its Representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018

Photographs of 14-16 June 2017 event

Tracy Robinson (UWI, Mona) presenting a paper on ‘Saving law: Crime, constitutions and decolonisation in the Anglophone Caribbean’
A group photo of some of the workshop participants
Renee Figuera (UWI, St Augustine) and Wendell Wallace (UWI, St Augustine) presenting a paper entitled ‘Discourse Globalisation and Translocalisation of Gangspeak with Evidence from Trinidad’
Sonjah N. Stanley Niaah (UWI, Mona) presenting a paper entitled ‘Brand Jamaica: Mapping Crime, Notoriety and Consumption’
Lucy Evans (University of Leicester) and Tracy Robinson (UWI, Mona) in an interactive session on longer-term collaborative teaching initiatives
Kim Robinson-Walcott (UWI, Mona) presenting a paper entitled ‘Writing Violence: John Hearne’s Voices under the Window and Brian Meeks’ Paint the Town Red’
Paula Morgan (UWI, St Augustine) presenting a paper entitled ‘“Killing don’t need no reason”: Trauma and Criminality in A Brief History of Seven Killings’
Curtis Wallace (UWI, Mona), presenting a paper entitled ‘Diverse Representations of Crime: Published Police Memoirs and Reminiscences in the British Colonial Caribbean’
Corin Bailey (UWI, Cave Hill) presenting a paper on ‘Perceptions of familial responsibility as a practical constraint in judicial decision-making: Focal concerns and gender bias in sentencing on the island of Barbados’
Melissa Ifill (University of Guyana), David Howard (University of Oxford) and Sharae Deckard (University of Dublin)
Dylan Kerrigan (UWI, St Augustine) presenting a paper entitled ‘Justice out of a State of Injustice: Bias, Trust and Fairness in the Judiciary of Trinidad & Tobago’
Clare Anderson (University of Leicester) presenting a paper entitled ‘A Visit ­­to Mazaruni Prison, Guyana: an historian reflects on contemporary incarceration’
Paula Morgan and Honor Ford Smith

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