Photographs of 12-13 July 2016 event

Some of the workshop participants
Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin) speaking on Marlon James's 2014 novel A Brief History of Seven Killings
Stevie-Jade Hardy (University of Leicester) speaking on policing diversity in the UK
Patricia Noxolo (University of Birmingham) speaking on in/security and creativity in the Caribbean, and Erna Brodber's fiction
Valerie Youssef (UWI, St Augustine) exploring fear of crime in Trinidad and Tobago through discourse analysis
Leighan Renaud (University of Leicester), speaking on Jacob Ross's 2008 novel Pynter Bender
Jonathan Dalby (UWI, Mona) speaking on property crime and its persecution in post-emancipation Jamaica
Donna Hope (UWI, Mona) and Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana)
Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana), speaking on fear of crime, violence and insecurity in Guyana
Dylan Kerrigan (UWI, St Augustine)
Donna Hope (UWI, Mona) speaking on cultural representations of crime in Jamaica
Diana Paton (University of Edinburgh) speaking on the history of prisons in Jamaica
Derek Chadee (UWI, St Augustine) speaking on crime victimisation and fear of crime in Trinidad
David Howard (University of Oxford) speaking on Perry Henzell and Trevor Rhone's 1972 film The Harder They Come
Clare Anderson (University of Leicester) speaking on the history of Her Majesty’s Penal Settlement (HMPS) of Mazaruni, British Guiana
Opening address