Crime and its Representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018

12-13 July 2016 event


Day 1: Tuesday 12 July

10.00: Crime and colonialism

David Howard (University of Oxford), ‘The Harder They Come: colonial and postcolonial narratives of resilience and redemption in urban Jamaica’

James Campbell (University of Leicester), ‘Death Row Resistance and Capital Punishment in 1970s Jamaica’

Leighan Renaud (University of Leicester), ‘The Representation of Crime in Pre-Independence Grenada in Jacob Ross’ Pynter Bender’

  • Chair: Diana Paton (University of Edinburgh)

12.00: Criminal justice in the post-emancipation Anglophone Caribbean

Diana Paton (University of Edinburgh), ‘Scandal, Reform, and Prisoner Activism: Jamaica’s Prisons, 1830s-1920s’

Clare Anderson (University of Leicester), ‘Her Majesty's Penal Settlement at Mazaruni in the nineteenth century’

Jonathan Dalby (UWI, Mona), ‘‘What I take from my master…he loses nothing by its transfer.’

Property Crime and its Prosecution in Post-Emancipation Jamaica, 1835-99’

  • Chair: James Campbell (University of Leicester)

2.30: Literary and cultural representations of crime and policing

Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin), ‘“Medellín on line two”: Organized Crime, Neoliberal Destabilization and the Narco-Regime in Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings’

Donna Hope (UWI, Mona), ‘“We want jostis”: cultural representations of crime in Jamaica’

Lucy Evans (University of Leicester), Domestic noir in Trinidad: gender, crime and the law in

Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night and Elizabeth Nunez’ Bruised Hibiscus

  • Chair: Pat Noxolo (University of Birmingham)

Day 2: Wednesday 13 July

9.30: Policing Diversity

Stevie-Jade Hardy (University of Leicester), Policing Diversity: A Legacy of Mistrust

Amy Clarke (University of Leicester), Policing Diversity: New Arrivals, New Challenges

Stevie-Jade Hardy and Amy Clarke, Policing Diversity: Overcoming the Barriers

  • Chair: Dylan Kerrigan (UWI, St Augustine)

11.30: Fear of crime

Dylan Kerrigan (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Fear is not created equally: A qualitative comparison of the fear of street crime vs. the fear of white-collar crime in Trinidad’

Valerie Youssef (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Who defines crime anyway? What is crime and who’s to fear whom?’

Derek Chadee (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Exploring Crime Victimization and Fear of Crime in Trinidad’

  • Chair: Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana)

2.00: Security and insecurity

Pat Noxolo (University of Birmingham), ‘‘Reading' Caribbean creative work for in/security: Erna Brodber on gendered in/securities’

Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana), ‘Decoding Insecurity: Fear of Crime and Violence in Guyana’

  • Chair: Valerie Youssef (UWI, St Augustine)

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