Crime and its Representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018

20-21 April 2018 event

Panels and interactive sessions 

Day 1: Friday 20 April

9.00: Keynote paper

Randy Seepersad (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Ethnicity and Crime Victimization in Trinidad and Tobago’

  • Chair: Valerie Youssef

9.30: Crime and the State 1

Clare Anderson (University of Leicester), ‘The Colonial State and Slave Revolt: The punishment of the 1816 Barbados rebels across Britain’s imperial world’

Jamie Banks (University of Leicester), ‘“The Dens of Infamy in the Charlestown District”: Opium Dens and Colonial Anxieties in British Guiana and Trinidad, 1850 – 1900’

Kate Quinn (University College London), ‘Political Activity and “Public Order” in the Shadow of Trinidad’

  • Chair: Diana Paton

11.30: Youth Crime and Gangs

Dianne Williams (UWI, St Augustine), ‘The Impact of Risk and Protective factors on the likelihood of gang involvement amongst at risk male resident in a juvenile home in Trinidad and Tobago: Risk Factor Prevention Paradigm School Domain’

Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana), ‘Tackling Youth Crime and Violence: An assessment of the adequacy of the response of the Guyanese state’

Renee Figuera (UWI, St Augustine) and Corleen Cox (UWI, St Augustine), “Doh go dey:” Discursive Agency and Crime in Conversations with Gang Members

  • Chair: Sonjah Stanley Niaah

2.00: Policing and Corruption

Renee Cozier (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Whistleblowing in Trinidad and Tobago: A case study of Gene Miles’

Nirmala Sookoo (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Quantitative Analysis of Police Corruption in Trinidad and Tobago’

Paula Morgan (UWI, St Augustine), Danielle Watson (University of the South Pacific), Nathan Pino (Texas State University) and Michael Johnson (William Paterson University), ‘Justifying Force: Police Perception, Community Framing and Crime War’

  • Chair: Dylan Kerrigan

4.00: Roundtable Discussion: Police Corruption: Implications and Solutions

Anthony Harriott (UWI, Mona)

Nirmala Sookoo (UWI, St Augustine)

David West (Police Complaints Authority)

Rachael Joseph (Citizen Security Programme)

Ernest Nurse (Citizen Security Programme)

  • Chair: Randy Seepersad

5.00: Discussion session on future research collaborations

This session will focus on the development of a future collaborative research project on genderbased crime in the Anglophone Caribbean. It is open to anyone with relevant interests.

  • Chair: Lucy Evans (University of Leicester)

Day 2: Saturday 21st April

9.10: Crime and the State 2

Sonjah Stanley Niaah (UWI, Mona), ‘Of Memory, Prisons, Profit and Crimes of the Jamaican State’

Dylan Kerrigan (UWI, St Augustine), “Survival helps determine our personal values”: Social stigma, UN values, and the State

Florence Seemungal (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Framing the Abolition Debate in Trinidad and Tobago with Empirical Evidence: Would Caribbean Citizens Impose the Death Penalty for a Murder Conviction?’

Lucy Evans (University of Leicester), ‘The political thriller, state crime, and Harischandra Khemraj's Cosmic Dance'

  • Chair: Kate Quinn

11.30: Sexual Violence

Diana Paton (University of Edinburgh), Rape and its prosecution in Jamaica in the late slavery and early emancipation periods

Valerie Youssef (UWI, St Augustine), Hard facts or Soft porn? Trinidad and Tobago Newspapers Imaging Rape

Janeille Matthews (UWI Mona), ‘The Masked Serial Rapist: Examining Rape in Antigua 2007-2009’

  • Chair: Mellissa Ifill

2.00: Roundtable Discussion: Youth, Violence and Masculinities

Mtima Solwazi (Roots Foundation)

Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana)

Paula Morgan (UWI, St Augustine)

Dylan Kerrigan (UWI, St Augustine)

  • Chair: Gabrielle Hosein (UWI, St Augustine)

3.30: Gender-based Crime

Gabrielle Hosein (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Masculinism, Intimate Partner Violence and State Accountability’

Veeraj Sonnyram (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Gender-Based Violence’

Paula Morgan (UWI, St Augustine), ‘Violation, Incest and Trauma in Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber’

  • Chair: Lucy Evans

5.00: Discussion session on future teaching collaborations

This session is open to anyone interested in participating in future teaching collaborations between the University of the West Indies and the University of Leicester.

  • Chair: Martin Halliwell (University of Leicester)

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