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Examples of Decolonising the Curriculum SSC Posters

The examples below are the titles of Student selected component (SSC) posters related to developing a racially inclusive curriculum at the University of Leicester Medical School, all of which are included within the Racial Inclusion in the Curriculum Toolkit (PDF, 6MB).

  • Decolonising Dermatology, Takunda Nhiwatiwa
  • Decolonising Compassionate Holistic Diagnostic Detective Course (CHDD), Kiran Bhavra
  • Ethnic Inequalities, Mashuda Khandokar
  • Phase 2: Reproductive Health Block, Mira Chainrai
  • Decolonising the Psychiatry Curriculum, Huma Hafeez
  • Decolonising the Curriculum: Pharmacology, Funmi Salawu
  • Identifying Neonatal Jaundice in Black and Brown Babies, Kike Solanke
  • How do we start thinking: What about Black and Brown Patients, Kike Solanke

Further examples of SSCs related to MedRACE projects can be seen within MedRACE Voices student blogs.

Screenshot of a poster presentation.

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