Clinical Academic Training

Clinical Lectureships

Clinical Lectureships are intended to provide 'post-doctoral' equivalent training and induction into other aspects of academic life combined with a defined route to your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Lecturers must have a higher degree (MD/PhD) and will be expected to gain independent research funding.

Posts may be NIHR or locally funded.

This post is a fixed-term post available for 4 years full-time or until the post holder relinquishes their NTN, whichever is the earlier. Specialty trainees will hold an NTN (a).  Alternatively, you can undertake the award part-time and for a maximum duration of 6 years, as long as the academic component does not fall below 33% of whole time equivalent.

Should the appointee attain CCT during the 4 year period permission may be sought from NIHR to continue in post beyond CCT to enable the individual to make the transition to research independence. The duration of the CL extension is dependent on the remaining funding available, with the extension phase being no more than 1 year, including an approved six month grace period.  Except in exceptional circumstances, post-CCT CLs must reduce their clinical commitments to 2 clinical sessions per week, which should be sufficient to maintain clinical skills and remain appointable as a NHS consultant. Those employed in the craft specialties may seek permission within the extension request to undertake up to 4 clinical sessions per week. Should you not complete training to CCT during the period of this appointment the post will be reviewed to determine if the appointee is to transfer to the NHS to complete their training, or if the academic post can be extended.

After the attainment of CCT, ACLs normally progress to established academic posts (Associate Professor/Honorary Consultant) or to senior research fellowships/Honorary consultant posts or to NHS consultant posts possibly with some dedicated academic time.

Training in Leicester

The CLs are employed by the University via a joint recruitment process and are based in the College department focussing on the clinical speciality/research of the appointee.

Each trainee is provided with an academic supervisor, research supervisor, clinical supervisor, and education supervisor to provide support.

Trainees will be have an academic review annually which feeds into their Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and for University employed ACLs, the University probation process.

Applying to become an CL in Leicester

Applications submitted jointly by the University of Leicester, local NHS organisation and Health Education East Midlands have gained CLs covering a broad range of clinical specialities.

For more information on applying to become an CL in Leicester please see our University job vacancies or if you are interested in investigating future opportunities please contact Dr Anvesha Singh.


It is anticipated that the following posts will be appointed to by 30 June 2023:

  • NIHR ACL 2022 Ophthalmology, Haematology, Renal Medicine
  • NIHR ACL 2022 Emergency Medicine, Respiratory Medicine
  • NIHR ACL 2022 Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology – Renal Medicine
  • NIHR ACL 2022 Health Needs of Older People - Cardiology, Clinical Radiology


CLs are provided with four supervisors:

  • Academic
  • Research
  • Clinical
  • Educational

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