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PREPARDE (Peer Review for Publication & Accreditation of Research data in the Earth Sciences) is a 12 month JISC funded project which aims to capture the processess and procedures required to publish a scientific dataset, ranging from ingestion into a data repository, through to formal publication in the new open access Geoscience Data Journal published by Wiley.

It will also address key issues arising in the data publication paradigm, namely, how does one peer-review a dataset, What crieria are needed for a repository to be considered objectively trustworthy, and how datasets and journal publications can be effectively cross-linked for the benefit of the wider research community. PREPARDE brings together a wider range of experts in research, academic publishing and data management fields both within and without Earth Sciences to tackle this key emerging area and provide guidance and recommendations for other research disciplines.

Partners invovled with this project include the University of Leicester, The British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC), Wiley-Blackwell who will provide the publishing platform, California Digital Library (CDL), the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), F1000, University of Reading and the UK Digital Curation Centre.

To find out more please contact the project lead Dr Jonathan Tedds (University of Leicester) at

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