International Professional Development Unit

What we offer

The IPDU provides bespoke learning and training solutions; the key to our success is an ability to tailor a solution to meet a client's specific training needs. Examples of what we can offer include:

Professional development

Training is available for professionals across the disciplines of education, business, medical sciences, and computing. We are extremely flexible and able to tailor course content to a client's needs, whether in the UK or abroad, with varied course durations. Recent courses have been delivered in teaching, educational leadership, e-learning, communication skills, artificial intelligence, medical education, and business skills.

English language classes

As well as academic and general English, we can also offer English classes for specific purposes, such as airline, medical and public administration English - covering all levels from beginner to advanced.

English teacher training

We are accredited to offer professional qualifications such as CELTA, one of the most globally recognised English teacher qualifications available.


Specialist programmes can be developed for interns, which may include individual research projects; specialist lectures and training courses; classroom observations; English language preparation; shadowing of academic staff, and visits to external organisations.


IPDU can provide access to the huge range of expertise at the University of Leicester, covering a wide number of disciplines including: education; teaching; computing; engineering; business; science; educational quality assurance; English language teaching; medicine and allied sciences, etc.

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