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CPD Case Studies

Panama Bilingue 

In January a group of twenty teachers visited us in Leicester for a period of eight weeks to improve English teaching methodology and education management. Their programme was a mixture of bespoke language and education training classes alongside school visits and cultural trips to places of interest. 

Director of the ELTU, Phil Horspool said: “The Panamanian teachers that come and study with us have really added to our programmes in the last two years and change the atmosphere of the classes and the building whilst here.” 

Nantong: English for Academics (Professional Development)

Groups of academic staff from Nantong University have been welcomed annually for specially tailored English for Academics courses. Over 11 weeks the course focuses on general English communication, communication skills for professional academics and teaching and learning in higher education. Participants, who come from a range of academic disciplines, undertake individual research on a project of their choosing, making use of the University’s facilities and resources, and having access to academic departments across the institution. As well as an improved level of English, participants leave with a clearer understanding of the British higher education context as well as other aspects of British culture.  

The Ministry of the Interior, Turkey 

From December to July a group of government civil servants from the Turkish government joined us for a nine month stay. We worked with the ministry to design a programme which focused on improving English levels with regular progress reports to the sponsor. In addition we fulfilled their request to place students in mixed classes with other nationalities. This allowed participants to learn about other cultures and develop their language skills in an international context. 

The last month of this programme was an Applied Education module where students use their English to write about topic relevant to their government roles. By applying English to their own specialism participants were able to see how they could use the experience on return to Turkey. 


A group of Saudi Arabian teaching professionals were hosted by the ELTU for a year-long immersion programme in Education Leadership. This course included English language lessons and bespoke classes designed to improve participants understanding of terminology regularly used in UK education. The components of the programme were tailored to the teachers, with language teachers receiving CELTA training and Science teacher completing a STEM programme. This course involves a strong collaboration with the School of Education, allowing teachers to gain real experience in partner schools with a dedicated mentor. 

Korea Jeon Ju University 

During the summer over thirty Primary School Teachers from Korea took part in the English Teacher Development Course. This involved three weeks intensive university learning in the ELTU coupled with one week in a local school. This gave students the opportunity to apply and practice the teaching methods that they had learnt. The school practicum sessions also allowed teachers to gain an insight into teaching methodology in English classrooms.  

Kazakhstan: English for Success

We are also able to deliver programmes overseas. Over the last year we have partnered with the British Council to provide a capacity building project in the Atyrau region of Kazakhstan.  
After a careful scoping study we provided a series of 5 day workshops for government workers on English and Leadership.

Ecuador (Capacity building)

The IPDU has been working with the Universidad Católica de Cuenca (UCACUE) in Ecuador to deliver capacity building courses for all its academics during a three-year project. Focusing on the embedding of problem-based learning across all teaching, this has resulted in improved student performance in subsequent assessments, better class attendances, and a developing community of collaborative research between the University of Leicester and UCACUE.

Eurasia (Research/consultancy)

Working with the British Council, academics from the University of Leicester have been collaborating on a project to determine the various approaches to English teaching in schools across five countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) and identify improvements that will lead to rapid increases in levels of English language skills among future school leavers.

This large scale project will result in a strategic plan for future development of English language education across all five countries, which will be presented to each country's ministry of education for future funding of targeted interventions (i.e. training and development programmes).

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