Fellows and Research Associates

All telephone numbers are +44 (0) 116 252 xxxx (unless indicated)

PDRAs, Visiting and Research Fellows

Name Position Section Email Telephone
Dr Robert S Blake Honorary Visiting Fellow Atmospheric Chemistry rsb13@le.ac.uk 5681
Dr Thomas Adams PDRA Atmospheric Chemistry
ta214@le.ac.uk 5861
Dr Robert Britton Collaborator & Lecturer Cancer Studies rgb6@le.ac.uk 2140
Dr Rebecca Cordell PDRA Atmospheric Chemistry
rc145@le.ac.uk 5861
Dr Julia Davies PDRA Physical jad63@le.ac.uk
Dr Robert C Harris PDRA Physical rch12@le.ac.uk 1063
Dr Sofia M Kapetanaki PDRA Chemical Biology smk36@le.ac.uk 7014
Dr Hanna Kwon PDRA Chemical Biology hk158@le.ac.uk 7105
Dr Nico Portolano PDRA Chemical Biology np242@le.ac.uk 7014
Dr Roberto Sommariva PDRA Atmospheric Chemistry
rs445@le.ac.uk 5681
Mr Shannon Stodd Enterprise Fellow Materials ss1131@le.ac.uk  
Dr Michael Wilde PDRA Infection, Immunity and Inflammation mjw77@le.ac.uk
Dr Helena Wright
Chemical Biology hw194@le.ac.uk 7014
Dr Christopher Zaleski Collaborator Materials cz73@le.ac.uk

Honorary Visiting Fellows

Name Position Email
Dr John Burgess Emeritus Reader jbx@le.ac.uk
Dr Glenn A Burley Honorary Senior Lecturer  glenn.burley@strath.ac.uk
Prof John Holloway Emeritus Professor jhh2@le.ac.uk
Prof David L Davies Emeritus Professor dld3@le.ac.uk
Prof Eric Hope Emeritus Professor
Dr Paul R Jenkins Honorary Senior Lecturer pj76@le.ac.uk
Dr John R Malpass Emeritus Reader jrm@le.ac.uk
Dr Tracy McGhie Honorary Visiting Fellow tjm9@le.ac.uk
Dr Catherine Smith Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Jonny Woodward Honorary Senior Lecturer  woodward@global.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp