Chaplaincy to the University of Leicester

Hire our facilities

The Gatehouse from the frontThe Gatehouse Centre has several rooms which can be hired for events, meetings, clubs, groups and courses. 

The Octagon

The Octagon is a large octagonal meeting room/lounge on the ground floor which can accommodate a maximum of 40 people. There is a serving hatch from the kitchen.

The Octagon Room at the Gatehouse  The Octagon Room at the Gatehouse

The kitchen

The kitchen is equipped to provide light refreshments. Includes large oven, urns, microwave and other equipment.

The kitchen at the Gatehouse

The Patio Room

The Patio Room is a smaller lounge room on the ground floor, which can seat 12 – 15 people.

The Patio Room at the Gatehouse  The Patio Room at the Gatehouse

The Chapel

The Chapel is upstairs at the Gatehouse, and can seat 20 people.

We offer competitive hourly rates. If you're interested in hiring any of our facilities, make an enquiry below and we will be in touch with prices and more details.

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