Centre for Consumer and Essential Services


  • Ofgem, Reforming Regulation and Vulnerability (2017)
  • Consumer Vulnerability – Mainstream, not Marginal (2016)
  • Ofgem: Recent trends in enforcement (2016)
  • Ofgem and vulnerable consumers (2016)
  • The Energy Penalty - Disability and Fuel Poverty and Summary (2013)
  • Too many hurdles: information and advice barriers in the energy market (2011)
  • Making the connection: strengthening the advice, complaint handling and redress framework (2011) - a report for Consumer Focus
  • Consumer advocacy and consumer complaints - letter to Department of Business, Industry and Skills (2011)
  • Response to Ofcom’s Review of Consumer Complaints Procedures (2010)
  • Consumer Vulnerability: What's in a name? (2009)
  • What does universal service mean and are there links with equality and human rights concepts? (2009)
  • What are the effects of changes in the delivery of essential services - how do providers relate to consumers? (2009)

Publications as Centre for Utility Consumer Law (CUCL)

  • Electricity and Gas Theft (2000)
  • Future Services: putting things right: complaint handling and dispute resolution in the utilities (2005)
  • Guide to understanding water company accounts (2006)
  • At a Disadvantage (2006)
  • Complaint Handling - Principles and Best Practice (2007)
  • Consumer Vulnerability and the Energy Sector (2007)
  • Energy Related Complaints (April 2007)

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