Core Biotechnology Services

Olympus objectives

In the Adrian Building three Olympus microscopes were installed in 2007, funded by the Wolfson Foundation.

Please contact Kees Straatman in advance if you need an objective that is not installed on the microscope system you want to use.

System  Mag  Oil  NA  Description  Grade  WD (mm)  Coverglass correction 
Cytological  10x  0.3  UPlanFLN  10 
Cytological  20x  0.5  UPlanFLN  2.1  0.17 
Cytological  40x  1.3  UPlanFLN  0.2  0.17 
Cytological  60x  1.35  UPlanSAPO  0.15  0.17 
Cytological  100x  1.4  UPlanSAPO  0.13  0.17 
CellR/SCanR  4x  0.13  UPlanFLN    17  0.17 
CellR/SCanR  10x  0.4  UPlanSAPO  3.1  0.17 
CellR/SCanR  20x  0.45  LUCPlanFLN  6.6-7.8  0-2 
CellR/SCanR  40x  0.6  LUCPlanFLN  2.7-4.0  0-2 
CellR/SCanR  40x  0.65-1.35  UAPO  0.1  0.17 
CellR/SCanR  60x*  0.7  LUCPlanFLN  1.5-2.2  0.1-1.3 
CellR/SCanR  60x*  1.42  PlanAPON  0.15  0.17 
CellR/SCanR  100x  1.4  UPlanSAPO  0.13  0.17 
confocal FV1000  10x  0.4  UPlanSAPO  3.1  0.17 
confocal FV1000  20x  0.75  UPlanSAPO  0.6  0.17 
confocal FV1000  40x  1.3  UPlanFLN  0.2  0.17 
confocal FV1000  60x  1.35  UPlanSAPO  0.15  0.17 

* The 60x long working distance objective for the Cell^R/Scan^R system is extra and not installed on the system.

Grade A

High-performance universal plan wide-range apochromatic-corrected objectives, corrected for four colors chromatically and spherically, with unsurpassed numerical aperture values deliver the best resolution, contrast and field flatness for any microscope technique. In combination with the lowest autofluorescence of all objective series, they are the best choice for advanced fluorescence applications.

Grade B

Semi-apochromatic long working distance objectives, designed for tissue culture observations in flasks and dishes. Excellent contrast and resolution in brightfield, phase contrast, DIC and fluorescence observations. Corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration at two wavelengths (green and red).

Grade C

Semi-apochromatic universal objectives that deliver superb resolution, contrast and image flatness with any microscopic technique. Corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration at two wavelengths (green and red).

Grade F

High transmission in the near-UV wavelength (340 nm) makes these objectives perfect for applications such as ratio imaging or measurement of intracellular pH with UV-excitable fluorochromes.

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