Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Research degrees

We offer supervision for the degrees of PhD and MPhil either full-time or part-time. We also offer supervision for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Research and supervision

We have an excellent track record in research training and supervision. Our research students contribute significantly to the research output of the Department - in the last five years, more than 250 papers have been published with students as co-authors, including over 100 where students have been first authors. Students regularly present at local, national and international meetings and several have won prizes and awards.

Research interests of our staff include:

Cardiovascular Precision and Stratified Medicine

  • Biomarkers
  • Genomics
  • Imaging

Cardiovascular Protection and Intervention

  • Protection
  • Intervention

Browse our supervisors in your research area or learn more about our research interests.

Research projects range from laboratory studies in cell and molecular biology and genetics through to clinical and translational studies. High-quality research training is provided by departmental staff engaged in cutting-edge research, and research students are supported throughout their projects.

Each research student has a supervisor and co-supervisor who are responsible for helping them get the most out of their research training. Students' progress is monitored by individual committees comprising two to three academics who are independent of the students' supervisors. This progress is overseen by the Departmental Academic Committee and postgraduate tutors. 

In addition to their projects, students undertake some formal workshop and lecture-based training offered by the College of Life Sciences in generic and transferable skills, chosen from a programme of topics, such as intellectual property issues, bioinformatics, and writing and presentation skills.

There is a Department-wide programme of regular research seminars that all research students are required to attend. In addition, the Department holds a regular research forum for its research students and a biannual Departmental Research Day.

Funding your research degree 

Once you have identified a potential supervisor for your higher degree they will be able to advise you of funding options.

There are a number of funding sources available for higher degree students in Cardiovascular Sciences. The Department, the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit and the College of Life Sciences all directly fund studentships. These vary in number each year and they are advertised on our website and FindaPhD

The British Heart Foundation, Research Councils and other funding bodies also support postgraduate study in Cardiovascular Sciences and opportunities are advertised as they become available.

Further information

Information about taught postgraduate courses and research degrees, including opportunities in other departments, is available from the College of Life Sciences. Specific guidance for potential applicants for the degree of MD is also available.

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