We're hosting a month of events to celebrate Black History and culture this October.
Learn more about what's happening in each week! 

Week 1

Join us for the launch of black history month starting with our new 'I, too, am too Leicester' campaign.
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Week 2

Join a workshop on the Psychological impact of racial trauma or view a photography exhibition.

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Week 3

Join us for a Netflix party, an open discussion on supporting black student mental health or browse our Leicester black athletes showcase.

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Week 4

Join us for a week of ISOC supported events and a discussion with black business owners

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Week 5

Join us for 'inspirational black leaders', a Netflix party and to complete the month 'A night of culture'

Explore Week 5 events

How to join the live presentations on Teams Live

You can access the live event using a browser on your PC/Mac. If you are joining using your smartphone, you need to download the Microsoft Teams app from your app store. You will then be able to join as a guest, or with your Microsoft 365 account.