We will be communicating about the research we’re doing in several formats, including symposia, seminars and public engagement.

Accelerator Award Symposium

The Accelerator Award will host an annual Symposium to showcase our research and provide networking opportunities that foster interdisciplinary research. The symposium will include Invited Lectures, funded by the Award. 

The 2021 Symposium will be held on October 13th - registration deadline 1st October 2021.  

Accelerator Cohort Seminars

The Accelerator Cohort, in collaboration with the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies organise monthly seminars to showcase ongoing research projects and to promote interdisciplinary collaborations. These will be integrated where possible with other Early Career Fellowship initiatives including the Wellcome ISSF and the MRC IMPACT fund.

See the schedule of seminars. 

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) works across all the research institutes to enable cross-cutting research by pump priming interdisciplinary projects and teams, bringing outstanding academics to Leicester for research collaborations through visiting fellowships, providing workspaces for training and workshops, and the development of networks and strategic partnerships with Industry.

Public Engagement

Participation in public engagement activities is encouraged for all recipients of Accelerator Award support and can be facilitated through the Accelerators PPI Group. For further information please contact Mrs Sue Page on sp504@le.ac.uk.