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I. Y. Tyukin, T. Tyukina, D. van Helden, Z. Zheng, E. M. Mirkes, O.J. Sutton, Q. Zhou, A. N. Gorban, P. Allison, 2024 (Jan.) Weakly Supervised Learners for Correction of AI Errors with Provable Performance Guarantees, arXiv. 2402.0089. DOI: 10.48550/arXiv.2402.00899

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Edited volume

Allison, P.M., Pitts, M., and, Colley, S. 2018. Big Data on the Roman Table: new approaches to tablewares in the Roman world. Internet Archaeology 50.

Data resources

Arch-I-Scan Repository on GitHub 

Other publications 

Baxter, T. 2022-3 ‘Volunteering for the Arch-I-Scan Project’, City Guide (City of London Guide Lecturers Association) vol 156: 18-19.

Allison, P., D. P. van Helden, I. Tyukin, T. Tyukina, Z. Zheng, 2023. ‘The Arch-I-Scan Project: Developing an AI system for identifying and recording Roman tablewares’ Teaching History (journal for the History Teachers’ Association of NSW 2023 themed volume on Artificial Intelligence)) vol. 57.3: 21-25. 

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