AccessAbility Centre

If you stutter or stammer

You can:

  • Go to your doctor and ask to be referred via the NHS for speech and language therapy assessment.
  • Consider going to a speech and language therapist privately. You would have to pay all costs connected with the assessment and any therapies suggested.  Contact the AccessAbility Centre for further details of a therapist in the Leicester area or see the website of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice.
  • The AccessAbility Centre has a video available for loan ‘If you stutter: advice for adults’ made by the Stuttering Foundation of America which can be watched on a VHS player in the basement of the David Wilson Library. The film is 55mins long and you will be required to hand in your library card for the duration of the loan. Or you can view the video on The Stuttering Foundation's website.
  • Do a google search on the web for both ‘stuttering’ and ‘stammering’ as there are many useful sites worth reading, for example:

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