Professional Services

Strategic Planning and Performance

Our teams provide support to ensure the effective delivery of key management processes for the University. We develop and support effective strategic and operational planning, provide data and insight, improve business process and manage strategic projects.

We are also responsible for delivery of effective governance mechanisms and for ensuring statutory compliance across a number of areas, such as HESA returns and complying with the requirements of the CUC.

Strategic Planning and Performance consists of:

  • Governance Office
  • Planning Office
  • Continuous Improvement Team
  • Corporate Portfolio

Key people

Director of Strategic Planning and Performance (vacant)
Rebecca Lord - Head of Strategic Planning (Governance Planning and Assurance). 


We provide general oversight and support for the University's decision-making processes. This includes the operation of the committee system and its associated articles of governance, in particular the Charter, Statutes and Ordinances, and their supporting good governance policies.

We provide a secretariat function for key governance bodies and offer general guidance and advice for other committees outside our own immediate remit.

Key people

Alison Benson - Strategic Planning Manager (Governance)
Joe Suffield - Governance Officer
Kevin Joyce - Governance Officer

+44 (0)116 223 1458

Visit the Governance website


We design, operate and co-ordinate the University's planning processes, monitor external trends and developments, and provide data for evidence-based decision making. We are responsible for student number forecasting and benchmarking institutional performance and monitoring league tables. We also manage data returns to HESA, HEFCE and others.

Key people

John Hurst  - Strategic Performance Manager (Reporting and Surveys) 
Nick Cooper - Strategic Performance Manager (Planning and Assurance)


Continuous Improvement

We support teams to run the most effective services they can by facilitating pieces of process improvement work, delivering training in our approach and helping to develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Key people

Gretel Stonebridge - Continuous Improvement Manager

+44 (0)116 252 5231 

Corporate Portfolio Management

We are currently a small team of project management specialists working to devise, scope and implement a new systematic approach to the co-ordination, monitoring and reporting of the University’s project-based strategic change activity. We aim to ensure that the University delivers its strategic objectives; co-ordinating optimal use of resource and enabling maximum efficiency from synergies within the portfolio of activities. 

Key people

Head of the President and Vice-Chancellor’s Office (vacant)

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