Embracing Diversity at Leicester

Living Black at University

The first report on Black students' experiences in purpose-built student accommodation in the UK, Living Black at University, was released by Unite students in February 2022 (PBSA).

To implement the recommendations, they started a sector-wide Living Black at University Commission, and after 18 months, they produced a report.

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According to the study, Black students felt less like they belonged than their White counterparts did for a variety of reasons. There were several causes given, such as feeling isolated, trouble adjusting, and poor mental health brought on by experiences with bias.

In response to the February 2022 publication of the Living Black at University study, Newcastle University and Unite Students collaborated on how to incorporate the suggestions into their submission of the Race Equality Charter.

One goal of their partnership was to identify ways to improve communication and create a list of services that would make it easier for students to find what they need when moving to a new place to assist them in settling in and finding their tribe.

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