Embracing Diversity at Leicester

About the project

The "Embracing Diversity in Leicester" project, led by the ResLife Team, is a collaborative effort involving the Students' Union, various University departments, and key stakeholders such as the EDI Team, Standing Together Team and AccessAbility. This initiative aims to promote inclusivity across campus through proactive engagement and the digital launch of a student guide for easy access to essential information and feedback channels.

In addition to the booklet, the project is dedicated to planning several activities that will address discrimination and raise awareness. These events provide forums for discussion and instruction, inspiring faculty and students to face and overcome bias.

From practical assistance to cultural awareness programs, the aim of the project is to ensure that students from various backgrounds feel supported and empowered within our community. Crucially, the project also serves an educational purpose, seeking to enhance understanding among students about themselves and others. By fostering empathy and intercultural competence, we aspire to cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated, and differences are seen as strengths.

In essence, the "Embracing Diversity in Leicester" project is not merely about creating a brochure—it is about creating a campus culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute to a more inclusive society. Through education, events, and access to support, the team strives to lay the groundwork for a future where diversity is not just accepted but embraced as an integral part of our community's identity.

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