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Lorraine Saddington

We have learned, with sadness, of the death of Lorraine Saddington, former Head of Estates Operations, who passed away on 21 March 2023.

Kirsty Woodward, Interim Director of Estates and Campus Services, writes:

Lorraine worked at the University for 24 years, beginning her career in 1994 as a Chief Clerk in the Estates department. In 2005 she was promoted to Executive Clerk, quickly followed in 2006 by her appointment as Manager of Portering and Cleaning.

In 2012 Lorraine became the Facilities Support Manager, a role in which she worked closely with Tim Yates who was the then Deputy Director of Estates. This role grew in 2014 to Head of Estates Operations, where Lorraine took on Reactive Maintenance within her portfolio. At the end of 2016 Lorraine’s role moved to report into the newly created Campus Services.

Lorraine brought operational standards into Portering and Cleaning Services (PACS) over the years, introducing BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Standards). She worked with her team to help them develop basic skills, such as English language lessons for staff whose first language was not English, and provided support for staff with literacy difficulties. One of Lorraine’s Team Leaders said that if it had not been for the support of Lorraine over the years, she would not be able to read or write. She wanted everyone to know what a fantastic manager Lorraine was.

Lorraine supported community programmes including an offender rehabilitation programme which assisted those who were disadvantaged with work prospects. Lorraine was a champion of this programme which provided possibilities for multiple individuals who were incredibly grateful for the opportunity afforded to them.

Lorraine was a stalwart for Health and Safety, encouraging her team to utilise systems to monitor compliance and representing Campus Services at the University Safety Committee.

Having progressed through the University over 24 years, Lorraine left as passionate and energetic as she started, ready to pursue new and exciting times. 

Lorraine was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. Recently, colleagues gathered to celebrate Lorraine’s life with her. In true Lorraine style she greeted everyone who attended with warm heart and applied her incredible sense of humour to create a memorable and special farewell event. 

For so many years Lorraine was the figurehead for PACS. She will be sadly missed, but gladly remembered by the team.

  • Lorraine's funeral will beheld at St James the Greater Oaks in Charnwood at 10.30am on Tuesday 25 April, followed by Loughborough Crematorium (11.45am) then at the Jolly Farmers, 85 Iveshead, Shepshed (12.30pm). No flowers please; any donations to LOROS. No stipulation over dress code, Lorraine wanted people to dress in what they felt comfortable in. Please contact Lisa Booker lmb46@le.ac.uk if you plan to attend the pub, for catering numbers.

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