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Lucy Ellis

It is with great sadness that we share news of the death of Lucy Ellis, our colleague in Library and Learning Services. Lucy was taken ill earlier this year and had been receiving ongoing treatment.

Lucy joined the University in September 2004 as a Principal Clerk with the Careers Service and was promoted to an Information and Guidance Specialist in 2009.  Lucy moved to the former Leicester Learning Institute in 2014, where the role evolved over the years. When the service merged with the Library division in 2017, Lucy was working as an Administrator and Events Coordinator and formally became part of the Library Admin Team in 2019. The service has since developed to become the current cross-divisional Operations Admin Team, and subsequently Lucy became the Divisional Operations Administrator and Project Officer.  

Lucy was a well-liked and respected colleague, not only within her team but with colleagues across the division and wider University, she will be dearly missed.

Remembering Lucy Ellis – a tribute to Lucy, her passions and contributions to all around her – by former members of the Leicester Learning Institute

Lucy was precise. She always wanted things to be just right. Whether it was creating study guides, websites, or grand events like conferences, she did it right, she did it beautifully and perfectly. 

She loved to take time to pick the perfect present for each person. It was a joy to be part of - so thoughtful and caring.

Lucy loved her freedom, her small house and beautiful garden.

She loved to travel and was often planning her next trip. She was always interested in hearing about others’ adventures as well. 

Lucy was one of the most thoughtful and kind-hearted souls you could ever wish to meet. She took pride in her work and nothing was ever too much trouble. She would go above and beyond to make sure that everything was the best it could be, never seeking praise or recognition for these acts, it was just part of who she was. Lucy was the most attentive listener, which was always reflected in how collections were spent to ensure something truly personal was selected for every occasion. She had the most interesting collection of objects in her office that reflected her passions and pastimes, from her miniature glass figurines to objects reflecting her numerous travels around the world. It was always a joy to spend time with Lucy and her smile and her company will be sorely missed.

Lucy was unfailingly kind and patient, no matter how ‘left-field’ a question or situation she was presented with.

Lucy was one of the most selfless, kind-hearted and well-meaning people you will ever meet. During her many years at the University she worked in several professional services, on a range of projects and activities including: finance, events managements and website creation. All of which she took great pride in and without her eye for details would have fallen to pieces. Through all she did, I believe the thing that gave her the most pride was supporting the development of students through the creation of her study guides. As one of the original creators of the Student Referencing guide, she was so proud. It was one of the most used resources on the website, and it still remains so today. 

In addition to her creativity and attention to detail in the production of resources, Lucy also greatly enjoyed interacting directly with students. In particular, she took real satisfaction in helping students identify the support and advice most appropriate to their needs and circumstances. The attentiveness, empathy and care with which she approached this aspect of her work was recognised and appreciated by colleagues and students alike, and possibly her proudest moment came when she was awarded a Students’ Union Superstar Award – an honour prompted by the glowing testimonies of students Lucy had helped and supported in their learning. 

Her commitment to the University was demonstrated through her four-hour round-trip daily commute from the home she was so proud of in the Peak District. She was always so fearful of snow, as it meant she would not be able to get home. 

Lucy also had a passion for vintage clothes and created her own styles. With her routes in the Peaks, she arrived in the morning pairing a pencil skirt with a walking boot.

Lucy was also a very keen and brave traveller, she was always happy to venture off to different locations on her own undaunted, and always had her next trip in mind. She particularly loved Italy and even learnt the language.

It was always a joy to see Lucy around campus and the day was brightened by her warming smile. Lucy will be remembered as so much more than a colleague, but as a dear friend, who has been taken from us far too soon and will be sorely missed.

I will remember Lucy as a happy, friendly person who was rarely fazed by anything.  She was a kind colleague who was always interested in the people she worked with and would take the time to make sure those around her were okay and always took time to listen and share her travel knowledge. Taken far too soon, the world will be a sadder place without her. 

I remember Lucy as such a kind person, who would do anything to help you.

Lucy was extremely kind, helpful and patient, always striving to meet any requests of staff and students. She took the time in her communication with students to make them feel valued, making a big contribution to the culture of mutual co-working and respect. 

Lucy is a beautiful soul, and the gentlest, most unassuming, thoughtful, meticulous giant of project management - on whose capable shoulders many of her colleagues stood. Many of us have been able to achieve far greater things because of our partnerships with Lucy. There are numerous significant activities during her long service at this University that would simply have not been possible, or as impactful as they were, without Lucy’s reliable and enthusiastic support. Everyone should have a Lucy in their lives, and I still wish we do. Lucy - you are so dearly missed.

Lucy was such an unassuming and modest person but so capable and focused on what was right for the students. I always found her such a calming and reassuring presence in the team. No matter how busy the work got, Lucy was always there, getting on with things, doing a good job. 

I had the pleasure of Lucy being my office buddy for a few years and she was so kind, calm and incredibly hard working. Lucy truly inspired me with her love of travel and encouraged me to travel on my own which I will be forever grateful for. I could not have wished for a lovelier person to work alongside at the University. We collaborated on many projects/events together over the years and I will miss our laughs and sharing travel tips and memories together. 

For the few years that I had the pleasure of sharing time with Lucy at work, she showed nothing but kindness and humour. She was someone I admired and she was a ray of sunshine for us all, she will be sorely missed.

I remember Lucy as a lovely, kind and gentle person, full of thoughtfulness and consideration for others. She was careful in her actions and generous in her words with a wonderful sense of humour when something tickled her sense of the ridiculous. She was a joy to work with, creative and incisive in her thinking and always applying high standards to her work. She always had time for others and her warmth and good humour made her a wonderful person to be around. She will be greatly missed by those who knew her best and remembered with great love.

Lucy was gentle, calm and kind, and ultra-conscientious towards the people around her. She was supportive and generous with her time even when she was under pressure herself. She was a good listener, and thoughtful with her responses. She was hugely knowledgeable, but so modest. Her patience with my incompetent questions was limitless. She also had a natural curiosity for investigating and finding things out, so conversations could take a surprising turn into all sorts of fascinating topics. We have lost a lovely, lovely person.

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