PhD students

Current students

Name Research title
Rachel Anchor Curating the Crimea
Ruth Ashton Modes of Parenting in 19th-Century Literature
Derek Ball Mid-Victorian mathematics and the novel: comparing George Eliot with other novelists
Danielle Benyon-Payne Literary Representations of Suicide in 19th-Century Gothic
Lisa Coar Androgynous Anatomies: Anorexic Ambiguities in 19th-Century Literature and Culture
Katie Heathman The debased street music of the vulgar: Folk song, the Novel and the City in late 19th and early 20th century Britain
Ian Higgins Victorian boredom
Tomoko Kanda Intertextuality in Social Problem Narratives: From the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th century
Pamela Ormrod A Re-evaluation of the Novels of Dinah Mulock Craik
Jonathan Potter Visuality and Representation in British Fiction 1840-1870
Margriet Schippers Towards Democracy in England: Mrs. Gaskell's Lessons in Citizenship
Rebecca Shuttleworth Susanna Watts and Elizabeth Heyrick: Women's Writing in the Midlands 1750-1850
Kris Siefken Negotiating the Labyrinth: The Interplay of City and Psychology in Dickens' Fiction
Kristan Tetens Hall Caine's Mahomet: Religion, Empire, and Dramatic Censorship in Late-Victorian Britain
Maiko Yamamoto Martineau, Charlotte Bronte, Gaskell

Past students

Name Research title
Jenny Bloodworth Clotilde Graves: Journalist and Playwright
Susan Boettcher The Journals of Adlard Welby, 1843-56
Anjna Chouhan Shakespearean Drama in the Victorian period
Catherine Malcolmson Constructing Charles Dickens, 1900-40
Clare Mendes Representations of the New Woman in the 1890s Woman’s Press
Nazia Parveen Aestheticism in Pre-Raphaelitism and Science