PhD students

Current students


Research project title

Mona Albassam

The Politics of the Female Plain Body

Sophie Almond

The Medical Women's Federation, 1879-1948 

Jacqueline Favaloro

Folklore and Identity in the work of Charlotte Bronte

Hayley Flynn

The Dream Debate and the Periodical in the 1860s

Aditi Premnath

Degenerate Minds: Stoker's Experimental Fiction

Emma Probett

Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell

Kris Siefken

Negotiating the Labyrinth: The Interplay of City and Psychology in Dickens's Fiction

Natasha Stoyce

'Theatres of War': The Experiences of the Serbian Unit of the Scottish Women's Hospitals during the Great War

Tadakazu Suzuki

British Biography and the Science of Selfhood, 1895-1939
Miyuki Kamezawa
Thomas Hardy and Masculinity

Past students


Research title

Ruth Ashton

Disabled Domesticity: representations of disability in nineteenth-century literature 

Derek Ball

Mathematics in George Eliot's Novels

Kathleen L. Bell

The Diaspora of Dickens: Charles Dickens and the Writers of the American South

Rachel Bates (nee Anchor)

Curating the Crimea: The Cultural Afterlife of a Conflict 

Danielle Benyon-Payne

The Suicide Question in Late-Victorian Gothic Fiction: Representations of suicide in their historical, cultural and social contexts

Jenny Bloodworth

Clotilde Graves: Journalist and Playwright

Susan Boettcher

An Edition of the Journals of Adlard Welby, 1843-56

Lisa Coar

'Abandon fat all ye who enter here': (Dis)ordering the Male Body, 1800-1910

Anjna Chouhan

Shakespearean Drama in the Victorian period

Richard Fallon

Reshaping Dinosaurs: The Popularisation of Palaeontology in Anglo-American Culture, 1877–1921

Katie Heathman

The debased street music of the vulgar: Folk song, the Novel and the City in late 19th and early 20th century Britain

Tomoko Kanda

The Early Journalism of Eliza Meteyard 

Catherine Malcolmson

Constructing Charles Dickens, 1900-1940

Clare Mendes

Representations of the New Woman in the 1890s Woman’s Press

Jennifer Miller

Dickensian Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Adaptations of the Novels

Pamela Ormrod

'An Entirely Different Order of Writer': A Reevaluation of the Novels of Dinah Mulock Craik 

Nazia Parveen

Aestheticism in Pre-Raphaelitism and Science

Jonathan Potter

Visuality and Representation in British Fiction 1840-1870

Margriet Schippers

Elizabeth Gaskell, Citizen of the World: Civic Lessons. Now published.

Rebecca Shuttleworth (MPhil)

Susanna Watts and Elizabeth Heyrick: Women's Writing in the Midlands 1750-1850

Matthew Wale 'The Sympathy of a Crowd': Periodicals and the Practices of Natural History in Nineteenth-Century Britain