Comparative genomics: prokaryotes vs eukaryotes

This site contains a video lesson explaining the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms with a particular focus on genetics. The site also have a quiz tab that helps students to reflect on the topics covered.

Resource: Comparative genomics
Age range: 16-18
Approach: Interactive video lesson
Note: This site requires you to make an account to view content on a permanent basis.

OCR biology - sequencing a genome

This resource is a link to the OCR biology YouTube channel. The first video outlines the basics of mapping a genome, but on this channel you can find a variety of videos describing sequencing technologies.

Resource: Sequencing a genome
Age range: 16-18
Approach: Video

DNA subway

DNA subway highlights the end goal of many sequencing and DNA analysis technologies whilst allowing students to directly engage with bioinformatics techniques.

Resource: DNA subway
Age range: 16-18
Approach: Interactive tutorial