University finance

Budget calculator

Budgeting your finances to last all year is vital. Every student's spending is different. However, it is possible to offer some very approximate amounts to give you an idea how much money you are likely to need. Costs will vary depending on your location and your lifestyle.

Accommodation forms a large proportion of your budget but it is at least a fixed amount, therefore you should choose a residence carefully which suits your financial circumstances. First, work out your accommodation costs. This will be your main expenditure each month. Then consider the above approximate monthly costs. We've entered the average costs per month but if you know that you'll be spending more on travel or clothes, for example, you can adjust those costs to see your personalised total.


Figures correct as of 2019.

University may be the first experience you will have of managing your own money so to help you we have asked our current students for their top tips for budgeting.

International Students

Budgeting is especially important if you need to apply for a visa because part of the application process involves demonstrating that you have enough money to support yourself (and any dependants) while you're in the UK. You can use the Which? student calculator to work out how much you're likely to need.

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