Undergraduate programme specification content for Year Abroad programme variants

Programme aims

For the ‘with a year abroad’ variant only, these additional programme aims apply

  • Develop enhanced employability skills
  • Experience living and learning in a different cultural environment
  • Develop Global Citizenship competencies
  • Build new social, academic and professional international networks

Programme outcomes

Intended learning outcomes

  • Reflect on skills learned and knowledge gained and explain how these may contribute to future academic development.
  • Demonstrate improved professional communication, presentation and interpersonal skills, networking skills and, if relevant, skills in another language.
  • Demonstrate a range of self-management and life-long learning skills including time management, adaptability, confidence, independence and enterprise. 

Teaching and learning methods

  • Global Success toolkit (including written guidance and workshops to be delivered in partnership with CDS).
  • Experience of living and studying overseas.
  • Experience of studying in an overseas institution.

How demonstrated?

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (not formally assessed).
  • Seminar presentations and contributions to tutorials during final year of study at UoL.
  • Assessments undertaken overseas.

Progression points

Progression onto a year abroad

Students need to achieve a credit-weighted average of 55% in the second year of their degree programme, and be carrying no failed modules, in order to  progress to the year abroad. Students with mitigating circumstances may request that their circumstances be taken into consideration. The final determination should be made by the relevant Board of Examiners.

A student will revert back to the without a year abroad variant of the programme if:

  1. They pass less than 50% of the equivalent of 120 UoL credits.
  2. They pass between 50 and 80% of the equivalent of 120 UoL credits and do not pass a resit
  3. The year abroad ends early due to the behaviour of the Student not being in accordance with the University’s Regulations for Students, Student Responsibilities. The Student will need to suspend for the remainder of the academic year. To prevent such an incident from happening, processes are in place to identify any possible issues or concerns during the risk assessment process, and via monitoring checks during the year abroad. Communication and contact between the Student, the host university and UoL will ensure support is provided should issues arise.
  4. The student discontinues their year abroad. A student may return to their campus-based studies no later than the end of teaching week 2 at the start of the academic year should they decide to discontinue their year abroad, and should complete a Course Transfer Form. If a student discontinues their year abroad after the end of teaching week 2 at Leicester and before the end of their first semester abroad, they will be required to suspend their studies for the remainder of the academic year and transfer to the standard variant of their degree.

Where a student successfully completes the first semester of their year abroad, but discontinues their placement prior to completion of the full academic year for any reason, consideration may be given to the awarding of a ‘with a semester abroad’ degree programme, as set out below:

  • If a Student completes the first semester of their year abroad and subsequently discontinues prior to the end of their second semester, they will be required to suspend their studies for the remainder of the academic year, but will be deemed to have met the requirements to transfer to a ‘with a semester abroad’ variant of their degree programme if they have passed the equivalent of 48 UoL credits.
  • If the student has passed between 30 and 48 UoL credits, they may undertake resit opportunities offered by the host university where possible.
  • If the student is not able to undertake resit assessments via their host university, fails resits, or passes fewer than the equivalent of 30 UoL credits, they will revert to the standard variant of their degree.

Key/extra features

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for a year abroad, and to comply in full with the preparation process, which includes

  • Attendance at the ‘What’s next?’ talk, delivered in February
  • Attendance at pre-departure talks/events
  • Compliance with the risk assessment process

Students will be offered additional pre-departure workshops on intercultural competence, and post-placement workshops on employability.

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