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Personal statement springboard

Writing your personal statement? Looking to talk about how you’ve engaged in wider reading and looked deeper into your subject area?

Dive into our pool of activities for Year 12 students to give your statement that additional boost it needs to score a 10 on the judges’ scorecard.

We’ve put together a great selection of activities and projects you can do at your leisure so take a look and get involved by signing up to as many of these as you like. All of the details will be in your follow-up email, so keep an eye out.

Medicine virtual work experience 

This virtual work experience project will provide you with an insight into the NHS, its core values and the major challenges facing the NHS now and in the future and attributes students need in order to study medicine. 

By completing the project, you will have had an opportunity to reflect on the knowledge, skills and attributes you will need as a Medicine student.

The focused questions help you to reflect on your experiences and create a draft personal statement for your UCAS application. 

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Black Lives Matter activity portfolio

Interested in History/Politics/English/Film? American Studies could be the perfect choice for you. Our academics at the Centre for American Studies have put together an amazing list of activities and resources for anyone interested in learning more about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The Centre is committed to anti-racist, inclusive learning, teaching, and research – many of the items on this list are drawn from our current module reading lists.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter.

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Maths Cryptography project

Applying for Maths? This project will give your personal statement a big plus.

Cryptography is needed everywhere in our modern world: WhatsApp, protecting government or industry secrets or sensitive customer data, internet shopping and Covid-19 contact tracing apps.

In this project, you will find out about the history of cryptography, the enigma code used in World War 2 and crack code using Frequency Analysis.

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Concepts of Sustainable Development MOOC

At the University of Leicester, we are Citizens of Change.

This free online course will allow you to explore some of the key issues in sustainability from a natural sciences, political and economic perspective, tackling the big questions with examples from around the world.

This type of independent learning is exactly what admissions tutors love to hear about in personal statements.

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Introduction to Criminology and Policing online courses

You might have never considered studying Criminology or Policing at university so we’ve put together this short taster module to show you what a Criminology or a Policing degree looks like and what you can do with them. 

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We mean Business – MOOCs from our School of Business

Our mini MOOCs look at pressing issues affecting businesses today, and in the future.  These issues can range from financial and economic, to organisational, resource and markets. 

The Corporate Social Responsibility MOOC will focus on the role businesses have in our society and how they can innovatively respond to change both internally and externally.  

The Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship MOOC will explore the notion of 'innovation’ – how does it differ from 'invention’ and 'diffusion’ and how you can become an entrepreneur.

Completing these MOOCs will give you a flavour of what studying a business, economics or accounting degree is like and what opportunities and challenges you could face as a future business leader. Definitely good for your personal statement!

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The Archaeology, History and Literature in the time of Richard III MOOC

Love Archaeology/History/Literature? This is the MOOC for you.

This free online course takes you on a journey through 15th century England, taking in archaeology, history and literature to present day with the reinternment of King Richard III in Leicester.

Perfect for any personal statement, this MOOC will showcase your independent learning and reading around a variety of subjects.

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English Football: A Social History MOOC

A fan of sociology/history/politics and, of course, football? Completing this MOOC is your goal.

This free online course investigates the history, sociology and politics of football, including focuses on the World Cup and Leicester City.

MOOCs are a great way to demonstrate your ability to learn independently and can be completed at your own leisure in the run up to finishing your personal statement.

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If you have any questions or queries about any of our activities, please do get in touch.

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