Leicestershire Healthcare Inequalities Improvement Doctoral Training Programme

Upcoming events

17 October 2022

Co-Navigator Tool Event

Co-Navigator is a hands-on, 3-dimensional tool designed to ensure highly effective collaborations. The tactile nature of the tool is designed to encourage democratic teamwork and negotiation over a series of defined steps. On the day, experienced researchers, Early Career Researchers and specialists in health inequalities will come together with our programme board and Doctoral Training Programme fellows to brainstorm ideas for the next set of projects.

23 January 2023

Live Q&A

A live Q&A event is to take place on 23 January 2023, during which anybody interested in this programme can join and ask questions of our panel. The panel will include:

  • Professor Sally Singh – programme director
  • Professor Gerry McCann – programme deputy director
  • Professor Amanda Daley – programme co-director representing Loughborough University
  • Frank Arsenyadis – Doctoral Training Programme fellow

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