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Will I be guaranteed a room when I make my application?

Any new undergraduate student who applies for university accommodation before 1 September of their year of entry to university is guaranteed to have a room with us for the academic year!

What’s the difference between The City and The Village?

Our accommodation is split into two sites. The Village and The City. The Village is made up of a wide range of properties from purpose-built accommodation blocks to large Edwardian houses around 2 miles from the University campus. The City is closer to the University campus and made up of lots of purpose-built tower blocks. Both sites are for New Undergraduates, Returning Students, Postgraduates and Mature Students. But you'll always be split into flats with other people on the same course type as you (e.g. if you are a New Undergraduate you will be placed with other New Undergraduate students, but not necessarily on the same course as you).

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Is there any catered/meal plan accommodation?

All of our accommodation is now self-catered. We’ll still be serving ‘pub grub’ style food from the bar in The Village Hub. The food outlets on the main University campus will remain open as usual.

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Is there parking available in accommodation?

There is parking available in The Village and The City for residents in accommodation. You’ll need to purchase a parking permit from the accommodation team, which costs £50 for the year. You can pick up your physical pass when you arrive in halls. Bear in mind, there is very limited parking available in The City accommodation. Students may also use the Freemen’s Common multi-storey car park at the advertised rates. There is no student parking on the main University campus.

For residents in The Village, we recommend you use the free University Shuttle Bus to get to and from campus.

How and when can I apply for accommodation?

You can view and apply for accommodation online on our application portal. Once you’ve submitted an application we’ll allocate you a room and send you a room offer by email. When you’ll hear back with a room offer after you make an application depends on your course offer status.

What’s the distance between The Village and Campus?

The Village is around 2 miles from the University campus, just out of the city and surrounded by beautiful green spaces. There’s a dedicated bus service run by the University between The Village and the main campus.

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Are the transport links between accommodation/campus/city good?

If you’re staying in The Village, there’s a dedicated bus service between The Village and the main University campus. Leicester has very good bus links all over the city, a large coach station and rail networks making it easy to travel from anywhere! There’s also lots of cycle routes all over the city if you wanted to bring a bike to University too.

Which accommodation is best for first years?

The Village is just for undergraduate students and is almost all first years. The City is closer to the University campus and is for both undergraduate and postgraduate students but we’ll group you together in separate blocks, so you’ll only be with other students on your course type. Wherever you are in halls you’ll get a great experience!

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When will I hear back about my accommodation offer?

Once you’ve submitted an application we’ll allocate you a room and send you a room offer by email. When you’ll hear back with a room offer depends on your course offer status. Until results day, only students who are Unconditional Firm will get their accommodation room offers.

How should I apply as a medical student?

You can view and apply for accommodation online on our application portal. Make sure to choose the New Undergraduate (Medic) pathway when you search as this will set the contract length to fit the medicine course. Once you’ve submitted an application we’ll allocate you a room and send you a room offer by email. When you’ll hear back with a room offer depends on your course offer status.

What if I don’t like my offer?

We would always encourage you to contact us before you decline your offer so that we can talk you through everything we still have available. It’s always better for us to change your current offer than it is for you to have to make a new application and end up back at the bottom of the waiting list.

Remember, we’re open 24/7 so it’s never a bad time to call! Find out Why You Should Stay in Halls.

The website says there is limited availability, what should I apply for?

Even if you think your first choice might not be available, still put it as your first choice. Our availability changes constantly as others change their plans and we might be able to make you the offer you want or something close to it. We’d always love to offer you the room that’s best for you and this will help us to better understand what it is you want.

After that, try adding options with more availability that, whilst they wouldn’t be your first choice, you wouldn’t be disappointed with.

I can’t afford to pay the £250 prepayment straight away

If you’re having trouble with this, get in touch with the Fees Office at They’ll be able to talk through your current situation and, if needed, allow for the offer to be accepted on your behalf with a different payment plan in place.

Remember, you have five days after receiving your offer to respond before your offer is withdrawn. If you need extra time to contact fees and income, just send us an email at and we’ll be able to extend your deadline.

How many choices do I get?

First year students will need to select a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 choices of accommodation. These will be in preference order so that we can offer you your highest available preference.

I’ll be under 18 when I start at university, will this affect my stay?

It’s quite common that students now start university before the age of 18. If this applies to you, there are a few things to be aware of about how this will affect your stay.

As per the University’s policy on under 18 residents, anyone staying with us before reaching the age of 18 is normally allocated to an En-suite room with a private bathroom in a single-sex flat. En-suite rooms are typically more expensive than their shared bathroom counterparts so you should consider this cost. If you would struggle with this, we would encourage you to contact the Student Welfare Service on +44 (0)116 252 2448.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at

I have a disability, medical or additional need, can you consider this?

Yes, we can. We advise that you contact the university AccessAbility team at They will be able to discuss all your requirements with you and liaise with your department and the accommodation team on your behalf. You can also add a note to your application to make us aware that we should be expecting to hear from AccessAbility before allocating a room.

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