Fees and Funding

Whatever type of course you study with us, finance will always be an important factor. There are costs to be met but there are also possible sources of funding: loans and grants, bursaries and scholarships. And there is always advice available, through the University and through national online resources.

Students shopping for tomatoes at Leicester MarketLiving costs

Leicester is one of the cheapest cities in the UK for students to live. Find out more about the living costs that you'll need to consider when planning your budget for your time in Leicester.

Find out more about living costs

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How to pay

We have several different ways that you can pay so that you can choose the most convenient one for you. In this section you can also find our more about how to pay if you have a sponsor, as well as when to pay your tuition and accommodation fees.

Payment options

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Tuition and maintenance loans

UK and EU students who are studying for their first degree will be able to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan.

More about loans

Image of the word 'scholarship' in the dictionaryScholarships and discounts

We offer an attractive range of scholarships and discounts which can help to offset the cost of your education. We offer a range of scholarships because we are committed to attracting the brightest and the best students to Leicester regardless of background. At Leicester we do not want fears about finance to stop prospective students from considering university.

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Calculator reading the words 'Tuition fees' Tuition fees

Find out more about Tuition Fees and what your time at Leicester might cost. Your fees will be based on where you normally live.

 Tuition fees at Leicester

A man stands at a fork in the road in a forestDeferral and transferral

Find out if it would be possible to defer your scholarship, or to transfer to Leicester from another University.

Deferral and transferral options at Leicester

University of Leicester prospectus containing an image of the Fielding Johnson BuildingWhere your fees fit in

Find out more about the University's sources of income, including tuition fees, research grants and philanthropy. You can also see how we invest that income.

Find out about how the University is funded