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Podcast Series

The ULSB Podcast Series aims to showcase the range of activities, expertise and work we do within the School of Business.  Our regular podcasts feature academics and business leaders talking informally about business and current affairs, their research and innovative teaching activities and knowledge projects with local, national and international organisations.


The 2019 British General Election - Professor Jim Devlin and Professor Paul Baines

Our first podcast featured a discussion of the 2019 general election, and drew on Paul's experience of examining political events from a political marketing perspective.

Achieving Business Level-up.  How will businesses in the East Midlands level-up?  - Professor Paul Baines and Dr Martin Quinn

We were proud to sponsor a podcast with Decentered Media where we discussed restructuring the economy to meet the challenges of the future, institutional and organisational and the productivity gap.

Adapting Business Leadership - Dr Will Darler, Tobias Gould, Snahal Patel and Jigna Varu

In our second podcast with Decentered Media we discussed the changing nature of business leadership during the pandemic with a focus on the Government and Chartered Association of Business Schools Small Business Leadership Programme offered by the School of Business.

We welcome your suggestions of topics you would like us to focus on in forthcoming episodes by emailing us on

Happy listening!

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