Building and maintaining your social capital is a key business skills. With ULSB graduates located around the world in a variety of different industries and professions, the ability to access a network with key decision makers is an invaluable asset of staying in touch.

We host networking events for alumni across the world and over the last few years the School has been working to build Communities in key regions, with Communities formed in Ghana (West Africa), East Africa, and the UAE. We are looking to extend beyond this.

A Community is a formal body which is recognised by the University as a regional representative body for School and University graduates. Communities are run by a small team of alumni who are tasked with working with the University to host networking events, dinners and professional development opportunities.

There is a formal process for the development of a Community. This will usually commence with a series of network building events organised by the School. Individual alumni will be approached to consider developing a team to form a Community. A formal application to be recognised as a Community is then expected, this is reviewed by us in the first instance, before being sent to the University's Alumni Engagement Team.

Once a Community has been formed, the School will work with the Community to host an inaugural event to promote the Community's work in the region. Each Community is expected to have a social media platform (e.g. Facebook).

A Community is regional, this may be specific to a country, province or several countries, dependent on the context. A Community is not programme or study level specific, it is open to all graduates from courses of the School of Business and the wider university. Should Community members wish to form sub-Communities e.g. MBA Alumni, they are fully entitled to do this and the School will support them, however the priority is the generic Community in the first instance.

Some examples of events and activities that Communities could consider include:

  • Establishing an organising team to provide a point of contact with alumni in the region
  • Building the network through social media, face to face and telephone
  • Establishing a Facebook page or similar for the Community
  • Arranging networking events with/without local guest speakers
  • Working with the School to deliver professional development workshops
  • Arranging a reception or dinner to be hosted by a university representative
  • Sharing job, project or consultancy opportunities
  • Arranging discount schemes with local firms for Leicester alumni
  • Providing mentoring to current students

If you are interested in forming a Community please contact us.