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Abdul Jabbar

Abdul joined the School of Business from the University of Huddersfield Business School where he had worked since 2001.  Abdul's expertise is in data visualisation, data management, organisation, storage, and cleansing.  This expertise comes together to support managerial decision making with real time business analytics and interpretative decision making.  

Abdul's current research interests look at how technologies such as Smart contracts, Blockchain and AI can change the way businesses operate to make them efficient and agile.

He has a strong background in software development having worked on Content Management Systems (CMS) for the BUBL information service at the University of Strathclyde.  This became the benchmark for his work at Huddersfield, where he first worked as the learning technology advisor and then learning technology manager with a focus on online pedagogy development and asset creation.  Online software development has shaped Abdul's teaching philosophy and his research.

Abdul has excellent links across a range of industries from consultancy to manufacturing.  Currently he is working with SMEs in the Midlands looking at how technology can help organisations achieve net zero sustainability targets.

He is delighted to join the MBA Team at Leicester and is looking forward this first MBA Residential Work in the UAE in August.

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