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Mital Thanki

Mital started her career as a science teacher and tutor in 2009. Disenchanted with bureaucratic constrains on innovation in schools and the quality of tuition in the 'after-school' education market, she went on to establish her company, Spark Academy in 2011.  Spark provides innovative methods of learning focusing on the core subjects of Science, Maths, and English for primary and secondary school pupils in Leicester, one of the most ethnically diverse and educationally underprivileged areas in the UK. Grown from a blank slate to a thriving educational institution serving 500 pupils weekly, the Academy provides innovative learning methods, and has won numerous awards earning Mital recognition as 'Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2020' at the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Enterprising Women Awards.

Mital is a leader, entrepreneur, innovator, learner and educator par excellence, and an all-round MBA poster child.  Throughout her studies, Mital has shown an astonishing ability to put learning into practice, turning every assignment into a business project; served as a mentor and role model for classmates; spearheaded programme improvements; and promoted the MBA, whilst continuing to grow her business in a socially responsible way.

As a media-savvy and charismatic MBA ambassador, Mital has championed and promoted the Leicester MBA programme throughout her studies by sharing her experiences and publicising the programme and its events in media and social media - and continues to do so post-graduation.

As a graduate of a business school that is a proud signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education, Mital promotes the Sustainable Development Goals in her business and through her public appearances.  Her work as a role model, a careers guide and a business owner committed to corporate social responsibility is nicely illustrated in her involvement at the online ULSB Career Development Exhibition in June 2020 and 2021.  Mital described how undertaking the Leicester MBA helped her to develop a holistic approach to business and a global perspective on social and commercial issues and strategy.  She shares how the MBA has supported her to achieve her business and personal goals and stresses the value of networks and mentors and the importance of health and wellbeing.  As an employer, she highlights the need for employers to show a drive for lifelong learning.  As a successful business entrepreneur she signposts students to the Leicester Innovation Hub for their valuable advice and support.

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