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Past projects

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) previously funded the Research Network scheme (providing funding for up to two years of activity), and Tiger Teams (supporting projects lasting up to six months). In response to the Pandemic, LIAS introduced two schemes - the Urgency Response Scheme, and the Pandemics Scheme. Since 2021, and to align with the University's strategic mission, a new funding scheme was offered. 

Pioneering Partnerships 2021/22

  • Investigation of LGBT+ patients’ views and experiences of endometrial cancer diagnostic and treatment pathways, and post-treatment survivorship (Lead: Dr Esther Moss)
  • Development of online user-centred platform for thin section scans (Lead: Dr Jose Carvajal)
  • Towards net zero plus: A pioneering partnership (Lead: Professor Martin Phillips)
  • Explainable AI for breast cancer detection (Lead: Dr Yudong Wang)

Into the City 2021/22

  • Conference on citizenship and peacemaking in Leicester (Lead: Dr Helen Dexter)
  • Mapping the city with electric paint (Lead: Dr Colin Hyde)
  • Tactile space (Lead: Dr Jennifer Carter)
  • New discovery programme with National Space Centre (Lead: Professor Haitao Ye)

LIAS Seed Corn 2021/22

  • Charging overseas nationals and residents by NHS trusts (Lead: Professor Bernard Ryan)
  • Cracking the Dickens code: A novel neural network (Lead: Dr Claire Wood)
  • Development of an integrative AI and liquid biopsy approach to improve early detection of head and neck cancer recurrence (Lead: Dr David Guttery)
  • Just transitions? Pastoralism, energy and net zero (Lead: Professor Caroline Upton)
  • Optimising walking exercise using music during rehabilitation: Make every step count (Lead: Dr Mark Orme)

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