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Alongside the annual LIAS Fellowship, the institute has been awarded several external Fellowship schemes throughout the past two years, with the commonality of each Fellowship being Interdisciplinary research. They are a pivotal part of the institute’s ongoing programme of activities and research outputs. The ‘Interdisciplinary Futures: research and impact’ event brought together 50 Rutherford Fellows from 15 countries, and welcomed representatives from UUKi and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. Such events bring high-calibre academics from various career stages and disciplines to the University, and enrich the research landscape across all three Colleges.

With Fellows from both the UK and the world over, they contribute widely to growing global partnerships. Whilst the Fellows spend only 1-3 months at Leicester, they have contributed significant outputs during their time here, and made sustainable collaborations with academics across the University. Through sharing ideas and methodologies, the Fellows have created cross-pollinated research projects to continue beyond their Fellowship. The fruition of follow-on projects exemplifies the sustainability of these collaborations.

Professor Ross Parry facilitates interactive session with Rutherford Fellows hosted in Universities across the UK

Dhiren Borisa and Host Gavin Brown deliver workshop

Interdisciplinary Futures: Research and Impact event

(photo credit: Stuart Hollis)

Each Fellow has a designated Principle Host, who helps them to maximise their time during their Fellowship, and feel comfortable in the University. They are academic mentors that go to great lengths to ensure that the reputation of Leicester is upheld once the Fellows return to their respective homes, and that the partnerships are sustained where possible to continue producing fantastic research.

The Ten global partnerships made through the Fellowship schemes

Our Fellows have had a very positive experience at the University of Leicester, and we are proud to be welcoming a new cohort of Fellows from January 2020. Please keep updated with the Fellows’ page to read their biographies, and sign up to the quarterly e-newsletter (email lias@le.ac.uk) to find out more about what they will be doing during their time here.

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