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Seven Interdisciplinary Champions

Behind every interdisciplinary success story are our University’s academic champions. Displaying disciplinary excellence combined with a vision to tackle today’s most pressing challenges, our interdisciplinary champions bring together alternative perspectives, methodologies and approaches to their research projects. Below are seven (of many) interdisciplinary champions chosen to exemplify cutting-edge interdisciplinary research taking place across the University. If you feel inspired to take forwards interdisciplinary research in 2020, come and speak to LIAS about taking your project forward lias@le.ac.uk.

Dr Alex Moseley

"As a playful learning researcher, I cross disciplines continually, and gain energy and new thinking from connections and clashes between them."

Dr. Chiara Batini

"My research focuses on human genetic diversity: how it can help understanding diseases and behaviours, and how it can contribute to unveil our history. Interdisciplinary is key!"

Dr. Elizabeth Jones and Prof. Martha Clokie

"Bringing together: Bacteriophage science with intercultural understandings of virus fear to tackle antimicrobial resistance."

Prof. Andrew Hugill

"I combine creativity, computing and business to produce a new hybrid discipline called ‘Creative Computing."

Prof. Jeremy Levesley

"Recognised the potential for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help classify Roman Pottery in the field."

Prof. Marco Oggioni and Dr. Julie Morrissey

"Leicester Microbial Science & Infectious Diseases: Integrating clinicians, microbiologists, mathematicians and atmospheric chemists boosted our grant income and impact."

Prof. Ruth Young and Dr. Harjinder Sembhi

"We are using Earth observation to reveal unknown heritage and archaeology."

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